Hard Drive Repair

Did I tell you about the story of the need for hard drive recovery uk?
Well, just imagine that I had my computer sitting on top of my desk -- stupid, I know.

So now imagine the four legged friend of ours bumping into the desk, and guess what fell off of the desk? Right. My computer.  While it was running. Of course, I had lots of important stuff on it, including the whole website, important docs, and all of the pictures from our digital camera. 

Of course, I didnít have a recent copy of the important stuff -- stupid, I know.

So where do I go for hard disk recovery for a damaged disk drive? Damaged Disk Drive

Well I gave these guys a shot at it, and they really did a good job for me, and I highly recommend them. I didnít lose anything important.  Itís just amazing what they can do.

The computer? Toast. Moral of the story? Copy everything!

Good luck to you.

DtiData, EcoDataRecovery, DataRecoveryNet


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