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Ok, I know this has nothing to do with sheepies, or animals for that matter, but my dryer bit the dust. I took it apart trying to see if it was something simple, but the belt is fine, the elements look fine, the wiring panel at the back was dusty but nothing looks shorted out, loose or burned. No fuses are blown, and the lint filter is clean. So does ANYONE know anything about dryers??? Please??? LOL
I assume it's electric... the element may look fine but be non-fucntional.
Also there are usually temperature sensitive protective links that "open" when the heat gets too high, and may need to be replaced.

Look on the wiring diagram that is hopefully attached to the unit somewhere (or in the owner's manual, or online) too see where to identify the parts.

Also, there's a ton of voltage and amperage in a unit like that, PLEASE be careful....!!!
What do these temperature sensitive thingies look like? And where are they usually located? Very Happy
Generally they'll look like a bulge in the wiring, and they'll be mounted near the heating box or element(s).

Here are some pictures:

After you click on that link, maybe add your brand name to the search box and click on "Search" again.

(Maybe I should start an appliance repair website? Think it's been done before?)

A good single page here:
Thanks for your quick replies Ron.... I looked for them, didn't see anything, and gave up and called the appliance guy. He is the same guy who I have always called when something goes wrong, he is great. Anyway, I feel like an idiot now, it was the simplest thing, a fuse. Embarassed
I DID check them, and didn't see anything wrong. It is a panel with two cylindrical fuses, and the reason the stove still worked (my reason for thinking it was not a fuse) was because one fuse is dead, the other is not. Laughing I felt so stupid.... it was the first thing he checked, took him 5 seconds to test them, and then he played with Dancer for a bit, and didn't charge me anything. Laughing

Willowsprite wrote:
[...]then he played with Dancer for a bit, and didn't charge me anything. Laughing
You live a charmed life Wink
Well, it's either because Dancer is such a cute little love bug, or because he knows my dryer is 19 years old and something is bound to go on it soon!
Sheepdogs are great for getting favors. The FedEx guy loves my dogs so he tries to stop at our house first whenever we get packages, (and we do pretty often.) He has even made multiple trips to our house in one day with oddly scheduled deliveries just to play with the dogs.
If only this worked with the cable guy, the phone guy, etc... All those people who work under their own little clock. Laughing
I'm really glad I remembered that I posted this topic here before, because my dryer did it again! LOL
Different kinds of fuses in this house, and this time it was one out of three. One was a 15 amp fuse though, so I am surprised the dryer has run at all, it should have been a 30amp.... anyway, I hope that's the case, because I put a 30 in there to replace the 15 which didn't look blown anyway, and it works.... lol....
I need this old thing to last just a wee bit longer...lol....
Speaking of... the gas man came to read my meter in the basement the
other day, and met our puppy for the first time. He has commented on
our older Tucker for the last 4 years and just adores him. I thought he
was going to jump out of his skin he was so excited over the puppy. I
think he would come over just to play with the dogs. I told Vic (DH) that
if I were ever to leave him he could find me with the gas man Mr. Green
He has gorgeous eyes and loves my dogs; what more could a woman
want! Very Happy Sheepies certainly do bring out the friendlyness in strangers!

Laughing The Purolator guy around here is pretty cute too..... Rolling Eyes


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