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Ceiling paint peeling

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I had a small roof leak last year and the paint on the ceiling was peeling off right underneath it. The leak's been repaired and I checked for moisture in the attic and found none, so I think I'm okay there. The peeling continued for a while but seems to have stopped now.

Do I just need to sand and repaint?

Me again
I would, using a putty knife, see if the paint is solid. If it is, then spackle where the edges of the peeled paint is, then sand, prime with something like kilz or bin before topcoating. If this is in an area that gets moisture, use paint designed for bathroom / kitchen ceilings.
An excellent answer, Guru - not TOO much work. Cool

Along those lines, I was waiting for the peeling to stop of it's own accord, so it sounds like I am on the right track.

Thank you, oh wise one.



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