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Oh merciful Guru...

I have 2 sling screen door questions.

First, I have a sliding screen with my sliding glass door that will not move. It has not been painted or goofed with or anything like that. It won't even budge. I'm thinking of standing on the other side of it and calling the dogs to see if they can run into it and pop it out.


That's what happened to another screen from another of our sliders. An overexhuberant sheepdog ran into it and popped it out of the frame. Now, I can't get it back into the track. Is disassembly required?
No disassemble.

(Sorry, I'm in a goofy mood these days . . . too much work, not enough fun!)

On some models there are 2 wheels on the bottom that are inside the frame. They are adjusted with a philips screw either right over the wheel and next to the screen facing down, or on the side near the bottom. They are there to adjust the door up and down so it closes even and runs freely. Try to adjust. Look at the screen and see if it seems up to high in the upper channel and is scraping. Lower the screen by raising the wheels. You will have to experiment with the direction in which to turn the screw because sometimes they use levers inside the frame which would reverse the wheel travel! Good luck!
Hi Maxx,

Just thought I'd chime in as to what I found helpful when my sliding glass door doesn't budge. Kinda scary at 3 am when I let one of the dogs out and the door was stuck in the open position. Yah! WD40...works wonders!

Our doors got stuck once too. We had some pine straw sneak into our track and that's what was stopping it. So maybe debris could be a problem too?


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