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Kitchen Tap

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Ok, this is a problem that has existed since I moved into this house. The kitchen tap leaks hot water only. If I turn the hot water supply off under the sink, no leaking. I replaced the tap assembly, all washers, gaskets etc. It did not fix the problem. The hot water valve underneath doesn't leak so I don't think it's a washer, but I'm wondering if it's the valve itself, not closing properly inside, even though it looks brand new. I think the whole thing was replaced just befoe I moved in, so I think the problem was there before that as well and this is just another fix that hasn't worked.
It doesn't leak around the base of the tap etc, only directly out the faucet.
Any suggestions?
Did you replace the cartridge if there is one? When you put all back together did you use any lubricant like heatpruf grease? Its hard to diagnose without seeing what it is.. If you can tell the brand, go online to the mfg website and see if there is an exploded view of that model. If it looks like you have replaced all replaceable parts then email or call tech support. If its not too old they may send a replacement.


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