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How to pick the right flooring?

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We've been getting alot of mixed messages about Laminate flooring. I am looking to redo our main living room, stairs and master bedroom....all flow to each other. We'd like to leave the other bedroom carpet for the kids to play on. Our kitchen/bathrooms, and small enterance we want to do tile...ceramic.

Our house is 900sq ft, and all rooms connect to each other so you will see each flooring type. We have bleech wood work, throughout. Cabinets and stair railing, trim is white.

My questions:
Laminant as good as they say, or will it buckle and separate after 2 yrs...all laminate we've seen has 15-25 yr warranty? What should I look for in quality laminant?

In a small house will tile/laminant/and carpet look okay, or will it make the place appear smaller?

When you have bleach cabinets, how do I chose a complimentary color of tile and laminant...I have not found a match in exact coloring. I'd like to go with a dark grey almost black laminant with a off-white tile....shades of cream/taupes.
Hi Daisie, I'm no expert on decorating and types of materials, but I do love decorating my home and we are also going through a change here, my house is also on the small side, 1400 sq feet. On the subject of laminates, I'll speak from my experience, I've loved them. We've had pergo in our kitchen for 6-7 years now, my hubby installed, and it still looks wonderful (no buckling or separating), very low upkeep and I have 3 kids, 2 cats and now Max, and it still looks great! We are replacing our living room carpets and kitchen with another color of pergo next month.

Since your floor plan is open, I think that makes a space look larger anyway, so mixing laminate with tile would probably look great. I don't believe in overly matching anything, I love to see contrast between different surfaces. We're going with a lighter oak laminate and we have white woodwork/fireplace, our kitchen cupboards are a darker finish.

Try looking at some home decor magazines, I get lots of ideas from books and magazines. Visit some stores or showrooms that carry the different materials you're interested in also. What color of walls do you have? Good luck,
I haven't painted our living room yet, but I know the color will be a light shade of brown. Our house isn't quite open concept. Our kitchen sets separate, enclosed...but the hallway is so small each room is really close bye. Our daughter has the master bedroom, and she ruined the carpet by making a pink chalk concoction that stained it pink. The bathroom is visible from the kitchen and her room. The living is attached to my son's room and stairs to the enterance. His room is blue and her's is pink. The kitchen is yellow, and the bathroom is yellow and blue(rubber duckies).

I've been looking a mags, and visiting some places. The mag's always show a dream house, not my reality...someday tho Surprised)

It's our wood work, it shows itself to be more modern, and our furniture is very classic. I've been bringing home samples and just not finding the right match, all the oaks, or lighter laminant's clash. I don't think Cherry would suit it very well...too red toned. I do like the look of blacks with the cabinets. But that would be very aweful to have a completely black floor, it would be nice if I could find a dark walnut/barn wood style, that has the look of blackened streaks. The wood work is very light with hints of green and pink undertones, and all the samples so far have a yellow tone in them.

I also want to change the light fixtures and make them more modern, with the brushed silver, we have brass everywhere. I like the wood, so I don't want to strip and stain over.
Just make sure your floor is perfectly flat--I am starting to have problems and anticipate having to replace the floor I spent $1k on.
A laminate floor is a floating floor system. It sits on a thin foam "pad" that goes under the flooring. If there is a dip somewhere in the floor then that might have to be fixed prior to installation. As far as different colors there is laminate flooring that looks like ceramic tile too! See if there is a Prosource showroom near you and give them a visit! They have a great website http://www.pswholesale.com/


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