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another toilet problem

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When flushed, the water fills the bowl to appropriate height, but doesn't flush. Slowly water goes down the waste to the original water line.

I've tried cleaning out the water inlet holes under the rim. No help. Even tried pouring Lime Away from the tank water inlet to the bowl (sorry, don't know proper terms).

Would flapper be a problem or sanitary stack blockage?
Have you tried using a plunger vigorously to try and realease any blockages?

Do you have a hookup to a town sewer, or are you on a septic system?
not a blockage, just a sluggish flusher
Well, a "sluggish flush". Do you mean that the water comes from the holding tank fairly rapidly, and the bowl water level rises up towards the rim, but then doesn't go down rapidly, it just slowly seeps?
Sorry, I'm not getting your PMs to download tonight, so I'll answer here. Water goes into the bowl normally but that's, it sorta swirls and stops. Or it flushes partially, leaving most everything behind.
Are you connected to the town's sewer or do you have you're own septic system?
Sewer, but not your typical sewer. It's a Swiss vacuum design since the treatment facility is uphill from this end of the valley. This is occurring on only one toilet, not the other.
Is the other toilet on a higher floor?
no, one story house. I failed to mention I've also cleaned out the siphon jet hole. Redoing the flapper is no big deal, not expensive and worth a try. Probably should be replaced anyway. Would also give me a chance to solve the mystery why the flapper chain wraps around the arm above...sometimes...keeping the flapper up. (unrelated to incomplete flush problem)

Don't beat yourself up on this, it's been driving me nuts too for a year or two. I've plunged, snaked and as I said, cleaned out the flush holes and siphon jet to, no avail. Somebody said it may be a blocked sanitary stack...lovely thought.

In mean time, I'm heading to bed.....I'm not such a night owl as you! Laughing Thanks for your help.
I really don't think it would be the flapper or the holes, or anything on the "supply" side.

There are a couple of things I can think of that would cause this, a clogged vent is one, a clog that you just haven't been able to clear, an area of trapped water ... perhaps they left a cover over the flange when they installed the toilet.

Perhaps TheGuru may be able to shed some light, but maybe it's time to call in a pro to have a looksee.

Good night!

PS are all the bunnies accounted for? Rolling Eyes

Ron's last comment made my chuckle as it stirred up a memory from childhood. Something was wrong with our toilet and after many attempts to find out what was wrong my mom finally called the plumber.

He retrieved an nice large bone from the toilet. We think Shaggy was the culprit and not one of our family members. Hee Hee Embarassed
Ok after reading the thread, I think it either is a clogged vent, which would allow the water to go down but slow then maybe normal then slow etc. Or something in the trap (which is in the toilet itself) like a toy which the snake would just slip buy but the solids wouldn't.Or if you are handy, you could pull the toilet off the flange and see what is going on. Look up into the hole on the bottom and see if it's clear or by pouring water down the drain with a big bucket. If it goes down fast then something is going on inside the toilet itself. Good luck


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