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Spring Cleanup - Decks and Gutters

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DECKS: Any rotted or split pieces should be replaced. Remember for wood decking put the "bark to the weather". That means if you look on the end grain it will resemble a frown. That way when the board dry's out it will cup with the center higher and the water will have a tendancy to roll off. Then use a deck wash, rinse, (follow mfg. Directions). Let dry, then seal with a water repellent, deck sealer, preservative or paint as desired. Don't forget to bang in any "popped" nails first.
GUTTERS: Now is the time to get up there and clean those gutters. Also fix any missing or damaged downspouts. Install a downspout screen into the hole in the gutter, this will keep things from getting clogged again later.
LAWN: Early spring is the time to get started taking care of your lawn. Get your lawn mower sharpened, oil changed and ready to go. When the soil is firm enough to walk on it without leaving footprints, (usually April or so) clear the branches left by winter storms. Rake the grass if it is matted from the snow. You may have to de-thatch. Seed any bare spots that you forgot last fall. Then apply a pre-emergent weed control agent for crabgrass and annual weeds. Apply fertilizer in late April or early May. If sod is needed May is the time! Remember, have fun in the sun, its been a long winter.
Hi Guru,

It may be that I'm going to be your biggest fan. I have another problem area. A few years ago, my deck was painted with plastic coating - new stuff on the market. The porch looked great for one year until Merlin at 10 wks discovered a tiny tear and peeled a strip of it off. Instead of recoating as I should have done. I spent almost the entire summer trying to remove this coating. It's horrible!! Really thick plasticy stuff - paint remover does nothing and suggestions from the store to use a heat gun proved useless too.

The only thing that even made an effect was hosing the deck and scrapping it off ..tiny peices at a time. I never did finish the job before the weather got bad and now I've exposed the wood to the elements. Sigh what to do??? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Marianne aka handy woman
I don't know what TheGuru will have to offer, but I was stumped until you said the water worked a little bit.

How about borrowing or renting a pressure washer?
I would suggest a pressure washer too. But be VERY careful using it because the water will actually dig a hole into the wood very easily. Practice on a piece of scrap first if you can..
I would ALSO suggest looking on the can of the coating, and calling the manufacturer. I have done this in the past with questions about finishes and they know all there is about their own products. Keep us posted!!

Hey great minds think alike!! I was wondering if a pressure washer may do the job, before I read your answer. I'll go rent one next weekend as can't afford to purchase one at the moment. Thanks Guru and Ron!

Unfortunately the can was thrown away some time ago and even the Home Depot people were stumped as to how to remove this stuff.



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