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Need Suggestions for a New Fence

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We currently have an Invisible Fence around our yard that works fine for Miss McGee, however we are contemplating a friend for her who will not be so well trained. What do you recommend as an aesthetically pleasing enclosure for two or three OES that my husband won't complain about losing his lawn to? I would like love to have wrought iron or an aluminum look-alike. Rather expensive but looks nice. We want to do a small patio area and I think we could make this fence work into the design of the patio. Otherwise, my option would be a vinyl-coated chain link, which is not obnoxious but not decorative either.We have a big yard that we don't want to obscure with solid vinyl or wood panel fencing. Any ideas?
I personally like the iron fence or the aluminum look alike. Aluminum will never need painting either. If you could make the fence part of your patio so it looks like a planned thing instead of "lets put a fence here" it would look great!
Are you planning on doing the install yourself?
Have you priced out the sections and posts yet?
Let me know how it goes!
I'm going to be finishing off the fencing around my yard this year. My neighbors on 3 sides have already fenced, and the only part left to do is the front end of the back yard, from the back edge of the house to each neighbors fence, and a section on one side that the neighbor didn't do because it has a wall/flood barrier. It's high enough that I don't think the dogs would bother to climb it, but you never know how tempting that squirrel across the road really is.... It only goes back as far as the rear edge of the house anyway, so I'll just put a section across and won't use that part of our yard. All the fencing is chain link so far, and I'm only renting, so I'll only be using chain link as well.
I found a couple fencing sites that had cost calculators based on yard size, fence type & height, etc.. To do our entire back yard it would cost around $7,500 with 5' aluminum fence. We would install it ourselves (luckily). It's a bigger problem is that my husband doesn't want to mow around it. Men and their lawns!!!

Do you think the 5-ft. fence is a good height? We built a 10' x 20' run that was 5' high for our previous sheeper and that worked fine. We removed it to build a sunroom onto our house. The run was fine for "Mr. Winston", but Maggie is an "air-conditioned couch-potato" and doesn't want much to do with the great outdoors.
I'm not sure about the 5' height. My pooch is rather small compaired to a sheepie (like 8 pounds) So I would reccomend asking someone familiar with the climbing/jumping of your dog...

What is the site that helped you calculate the fence project?
Could you post it?
The one I bookmarked for the calculator was: hooverfence.com

Don't know anything about the company or their product, but the calculator was nice for coming up with a rough estimate of materials.
That's funny I did a search and was just looking at that exact site when you posted!! Thanks for the help The fence looks good too!
I love iron fencing. The only problem is it is sooooo expensive. I would go with a chainlink. That's what we have. It's painted, isn't rusty, keeps the dogs in, is cheaper, and looks nice.
Gaddy, how tall is your fence? I was considering 5'. Also, does anyone have problems with their sheepies trying to tunnel under it??? I know Maggie wouldn't bother but she's also wouldn't want to be put outdoors for any length of time.
On the other end of the spectrum for cost, I fenced off the patio area and Barney's dog pen where he is trained to do his business (about 1000sf total area) with 8'landscape timbers for posts, wolmanized 2x4's for rails and 2"x4"x48" welded wire fencing. Part of the existing 42" chainlink fencing bordering the area along the lot line has landscape timbers along the bottom with the chain link fence stapled to it to discourage digging under the fencing. Barney is not a jumper, however I would be suprised if a sheepie could climb over a 5' fence. When the ground is dry I let him romp in the yard.
Maybe 5' would be too high for the fence? I forsee digging under would be more of a problem. Guess I am trying to scale down my plans from fencing the entire backyard to just the patio area and maybe half of the backyard. We have almost an acre of yard to romp in so there is 'life beyond the fence'. By including the patio in the fenced area we could let the dogs outside from the sunroom door. We had to go outside to let Mr. Winston into his run and that sure was a pain in the winter.
At our old house, we had a 6' high fence and you could see our dogs bouncing like they were on a trampoline, over top of the fence. One of our dogs would actually climb the chainlink and hang over the top, just because he could.
I guess I am lucky. We have a 4 1/2' chain link fence that goes along the seawall. Sam has never shown any interest in jumpin over it.
We have chainlink on one side(it was already there) and my husband built a split rail along the back and up one side. On the outside of the rails he put snow fence from the ground up to the top rail. You can't see it and it helps keep out rabbits, groundhogs, etc. My dogs aren't jumpers and only once did Rosco jump over. The other dogs were chasing him and much to his suprise over he went . Because we back up to wetlands he was in the woods and of course...let the games begin! He did get scared and ran into the garage next door where my neighbor nabbed him. That was the only incident and that was many years ago. My breeder has a dog who would jump a 6' fence, eat all the raspberries he could, and then jump back over.

Maggie McGee IV wrote:
Gaddy, how tall is your fence? I was considering 5'. Also, does anyone have problems with their sheepies trying to tunnel under it??? I know Maggie wouldn't bother but she's also wouldn't want to be put outdoors for any length of time.

It's about 3' to 3 1/2' tall.


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