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Hi Guru!

I love the look of traditional paneled wainscot (not the beadboard stuff- the lovely raised panel stuff). Is this something that a homeowner can put in themselves? Do the panels come pre-made, or do you have to make them yourself? Any advice?

Karen Smile
There are companys than make the sections ready to go in a variety of materials... paint grade, or most of the hardwoods. I just saw a display at my local mill / lumber supplier. You wouldn't want a panel at the end cut in half so you would need to figure out the sizes everything comes in and then just put a pce of 2" tape right on the wall. Draw out all the pcs onto the tape. That way there is no chance (well a reduced chance Wink ) of making an error.

If the panels are "real wood" then they would only get attached in the center and the left and right sides need to float to leave room for expansion/contraction. The styles and rails cover the edges of the raised panel. A nice chair rail could go on the top too!

The hardest part is making sure the panels will fit the wall length without having to cut one down the middle even if you need to make the end styles wider/narrower.

Good luck! If you need some more pointers on the installation let me know! I love that kind of stuff (I usually glue up and make my own raised panels too)
Thanks Guru!!! I'm still in planning mode- as we haven't purchased out land yet- but I'm putting all my plans in a binder to store them for when it is time to install!!

What is the usual height of traditional wainscot?

Karen Smile
Well there really isn't a "usual" height.
Some say around 40".
Some say 36". (this is what I like)
A few say 48" but then I find all the switches are right at the top and the wood needs to be cut around so that would NOT be my choice.

Good Luck!
I was in a paint / wallpaper place today and asked about embosed wallpaper that looks like wainscoting. They showed me several different styles from several different companies.
They are put up like wallpaper, then painted with regular wall paint. Some come on a roll with the pattern repeating every 36" and there are 10 of these per roll and some are pre-cut into five / 36" pcs ready to install. The precut ones are verrrry thick with an ornate embosement and look awesome!
They range in price from $56.00 per roll to $150.00 for the precut ones.
they seem to all be about 22" wide per section.

go check 'em out!
cooooooolllll!!! Did you see any that look like wood? Or do they only come in the paint versions?

Karen Smile
There were some that looked like wood, but they were not the panel type but like the beadboard type. But from a few feet away they looked like real wood!


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