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polyurethane moldings?

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How good are the polyurethane moldings? I've seen poly versions of crown moldings and ceiling medallions. (I think there may also be poly versions of other architectural elements) Do these elements work well in homes- are they good, cheap alternatives to their plaster and wood equivalents? I've heard good things about them- but this is mostly from the web sites and people that sell them! I was curious if these are good products, or not?

Karen Smile
I have some of them on the exterior of my home. They seem to hold up well and have not changed or discolored in 8 years. But remember to use stainless steel nails. I think the only drawback is the cost. It's more expensive than wood right now, but wait a few years when ALL the trees are gone!
Plaster is very expensive, so in place of plaster, composite mldg is much cheaper. I don't know how well paint sticks to the composites. The stuff on my house I just left white, but they do say you can paint. The big advantage to the composites is they can be verrrry ornate paterns like egg & dart etc cast right in!


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