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I have a question!!! I have 2 old oil lamps that use a 1/4" round wick about 5" long. I have looked high and low for replacement wicks and cannot find any (except for buying a 500 foot roll). I did find 1/8" wicks, and I did find 5/16" wicks. The 1/8" wick just burned up and I couldn't feed the larger one through. There is a feed wheel on the side which raises and lowers the wick.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can find / order a few wicks?

Maybe at a candle making supply place?
I have tried Yankee Candle factory. I have looked every where. Old hardware stores, flea markets and sporting goods stores. No luck. Sad

SKU# RW-1/4"
round cotton lamp wick $2.99 per foot

You have to order a minimum of 6, I don't know what other ordering requirements they have
COOL!! The link you posted didn't work but I got to the home page anyway! I found the section with 2.99 per foot but I would need to but 6 packages... min order.

What did you type into google to find that site... I have searched 20 different ways and never got that site.

Thanks Again!!
I typed in 1/4" round wicks, a bunch of stuff came up. Sorry the link didn't work Sad


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