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Spider cracks in stucco

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I live in Florida and the last hurricane made the second story of my stucco house flex and form spider cracks, unless they were there before and I just didn't notice. I have been given three pieces of advice from knowlageable people. 1) use caulk 2) use Loxon a Sherwin Williams product, it is a thick concrete primer or something like that 3) use stucco repair from Lowes or Home Depot it's like original stucco.

The cracks are 1/32 give or take they have not seperated to a larger crack like 1/8 or more.

Also I will be priming as necessary and painting with Sherwin Williams Duration (my favorite Paint).

What do you think.
Well lets see.
First you need to make sure they will not get bigger and that the structure itself is still AOK.
What is your stucco installed over? Is it a wire mesh? Here they use fiberglass screen over styrofoam.
make sure it's not loose and falling off the house too. Push against it with your hand and see if you feel movement.
That being done, and all seems OK, I would use a rubber butyl caulk to fill the cracks as this caulk is very thick and will flex and not let the crack open up again. Then prime / paint as usual. Maybe use that Loxon you talked about. Read the can though and make sure it will be OK to go over that caulking.


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