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Any tips on making minor repairs to Dryvit finished exteriors? We have some damage to a corner caused by the snowblower. Is this something someone with minimal home repair experience can do, or should I try to find a specialist?
What kind of finish does the building have? Is it textured or swirled with a random pattern? You would need to get the same material (dryvit) to make the repair. Sometimes the colorant is added to the topcoat as well, so trying to match would be tricky.

How bad is the damage? If it's rather small then you could attempt it yourself.
Thanks, Ron,
The damage is small, but noticable because it is on a pillar base by the front entrance. I might see if the gentleman who repairs interior drywall cracks can do it, as he will probably be doing some interior work this summer.
Nonono... TheGuru is not Ron! Ron is not TheGuru! Why is Ron referring to himself in the third person?

Really. TheGuru is someone else. In fact, TheGuru was at my home today, helping with some much needed spring repairs!

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Yeah... it was a 2 hour drive - half a tank of gas - to show Ron how to put the belt on his lawn tractor!!! Laughing
Ooops... in that case, sorry and thank you, Guru!
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Sorry, no cheesy moustche or goatee... lol
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