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Baseboards and Crown Molding

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Hi Mighty Guru,

It's me again and I'm forever indebted to you for all the helpful advice you've given...going to offer to give you my firstborn child soon!

I have a question and apologies if this may be stupid. I removed the baseboards successfully when I painted my room so can reuse the same ones. Sanded them, and repainted them. Before I put them back I was wondering........ The room has no crown molding which I am thinking of purchasing and thought if perhaps I just cut them the same length and angle as the baseboards...would that work?

Seems reasonable to me but this is my first time doing it, so perhaps there is something I haven't thought of. I was thinking of laying the new crown molding side by side.. of the already cut baseboards and ..then cut the molding to fit. The molding is pretty basic, nothing fancy. Hope this isn't too confusing and you understand what I mean.

Thanks in advance.

Marianne and the boys
Not a good idea... what if the wall is not exactly plumb from top to bottom and the crown would need to be 1/8" longer? That pce would be no good. Measure each piece one at a time, do a test with some scrap to check the angle and then install. You'll get much better results that way. MEASURE TWICE - CUT ONCE!

Is the crown going to be painted? Are you using the plastic/foam or real wood?
If I understand correctly you mean to cut your crown molding exactly like
your baseboards only install them at the top of the wall. I know this
really sounds like it would work, and should be the right measurements,
but unfortunately it may not work out that way. ALL my ceiling measure-
ments are slightly different from my baseboard measurements, some
are even really far off. Now I do live in a very old house, but even in our
old house they were different. If you have ever wall papered in a corner
after dropping a plumb line (I think its called) you will find that many
times the corners often don't run exactly straight, and therefore your
ceiling measurements often won't be exactly like your baseboards. You
could try it, try measuring the ceiling perimeter and comparing it to
the baseboard measurements though. If its a newer house it may be
very close. I will tell you that filling a corner if it is off is possible, but
can be a pain in the butt. And the larger the gap the worse. Crown
molding can be trying the first time, so make sure you measure twice
and buy a couple extra pieces. If you can get consistently good
matches at the corners, finishing the job will be much easier and may
look better.
Sorry if I stepped in here where I didn't belong. I know I am not a
professional! Embarassed
Sounds like you are really on your way to an exceptional home!!

Sorry! The Guru reply wasn't posted when I began my reply.

Also, if you haven't bought your molding yet... I love the non-wood
moldings. They are much more light weight and easier to cut and I
feel you get a better, cleaner corner. They are often much less
expensive, pre-primed and trust me, you will not be able to tell once
they are up that they aren't real wood.

Hi Again,

Thanks to both of you for your helpful advice!

I realize I need assistance (to get someone to hold the end of the measuring tape at least) Very Happy

I checked out the polyurethane molding and it comes in the following measurements 89 inches,91 inches and 88 3/4 inches for aprox 14 dollars per piece. There was a sale at the moment of the lightweight wood moldings at 87cents per foot. Usually the cost is 1.12- 3.00 pm average ,depending on how ornate it is. I think I may go with the polyurethane as once it's cut I can install it myself.

Ah on my to do list today...measure and purchase molding. A woman's job is never done..... Wink

Marianne and the boys
Read the directions as there may be special adhesive to 'glue' the ends together as well as the corners!


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