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Crown molding on a slanty ceiling?

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In our master bedroom, we are thinking of putting up some molding around the ceiling. The only thing is, it is a 2nd floor room, that has the slant of the garage going through it, so most of the room is a certain height, and then it ends and slants down (it almost is another tiny room, though, like an alcove or short-ceilinged sitting area). Would it look strange to put the molding up around the taller part of the room, and put the molding on the top part of the slant? Is that even possible? Did this make sense?
Crown mldg is designed to go on a wall / ceiling that is 90 deg. to each other. So a verticle wall and a flat ceiling works perfect. Crown can't be pit on a slanted ceiling unless the top is left open or filled with another pce of wood, because the top will not be up against the ceiling. You could come up with something creative that would fit your particular application and that would be perfectly OK. You could always do all the walls EXCEPT the slanted area and that would be ok too!


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