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Anyone ever built their house themselves?

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My husband is having his second job interview in his hometown. We currently live where I grew up, so I'm a little uneasy about moving away. It's only 5 hours away from my family though, and I know he'll be happier living in the city compared to the VERY rural area we live in now.

It'll be hard to pass up if he does get an offer. It pays a lot more, and we've figured out cost of living and everything (his parents live there so we will have family nearby still), and it is about the same as here, if not a little cheaper because of competition.

Anyway, we're planning on keeping our current home and renting it out. This area is slowly starting to grow, so it will be a good investment in the long run. It also is right next to the school, and the school is the best school in the county - plus it's only 10 mins away from the local air force base (where hubby currently works). So, I'm saddened to leave our home. This is the first home we bought, our babies were raised here, and i'm just not ready to leave it. I have sentimental attachments to it. Smile However, I know that's being silly, and it's not the house that makes a home, but the family in it. I'll be happy wherever they are.

So...I guess I'm ready to move. My husband's plan is to build a house by ourselves. Of course, we'd hire people to do the foundation, electric, plumbing, techincal jobs like that. We would pretty much be doing everything else. Although we're both VERY hand people, I'm also nervous about this idea of his...lol Right now, we're looking at buying a few acres of land and putting a mobile home on it (with a storm shelter since tornadoes hit there - the meteorologist in me is kicking in, lol). Live in that so we can work on our house after work in the evenings until it's late (plus we can't find an apartment that will accept Jasper. They're 50 lbs and under and he's already close to or over 50 lbs at 5 months.). We're looking at a 2 yr timeframe to building it. I have to admit, it would be nice to be only 28 (in 2 years) and having our home paid for. Not to mention that it'd be nice to have that to pass down to the kids since it was built ourselves. I KNOW it's going to be a lot of hard work, but I think we can manage it.

So, this long drawn out story was basically just posted to ask if anyone has done this before? How did it go? Are we being realistic with a 2 year timeframe? We're not wanting anything very huge or fancy...pretty much just a 3-4 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style home. My only requirements are a large kitchen with lots of cabinet space (anything would be large compared to my kitchen now, lol) and closet/storage space in the house (I really would like a finished attic for storage since the water table is too high here for a basement). I'm easy to please. Smile

I think I'm just so nervous about leaving my home. I've never been away from this area for more than 3 weeks in my entire life! It's going to be a huge jump for me, but I think overall it'll be better for our family. There's more opportunities for our children, the schools are better, more family oriented city, etc... It's just scary to someone who dislikes change. Smile

Even if this job doesn't work out (but I'm thinking it will), we'll probably end up moving there in the near future. He's really wanting back home with his family.
Check out the thread below. Karen may be doing the same thing and asked for opinions.

We did it, but my gut feeling is you'd have a harder time of it because of already having your kids. When we built ours, we were childless and petless, and it STILL took us 2 years from start to finish. Moved in in one year when the outside and 2 rooms inside were done, then finished it while living here.

Lots of work, no free time, but it is cheaper in the long run. Lots to think about.


Good luck! Keep us posted!

oops...didn't realize there was a post about this already. Thanks Chris Smile
As a builder who has done this twice... the only thing to worry about is how to keep the spark going... there will be times when working on the house is the last thing you want to do so things slow down. I found that if you don't move in untill it's done things move a LOT faster because the goal is still there. Once I moved in... well you know the cobblers shoe story!
Also line up the subcontractors early! Well before you need them to do the work. Make sure it's clear what they do and what you do. Even picking up the trash left should be discussed. Maybe the electrican will let you help drill the holes and run the wire through them to save $.
I would look into a framer to do the stick framing part because that will take a much shorter time (like 2-3 weeks max). Then your ready for the roof and windows. Now your almost weather tight!
Good luck and try to have fun doing this! Not too many people get this chance!!
After your done you'll sit back and be able to enjoy all your hard work.
I do think 2 years is do-able if you stick to the plan!
Hi Gail! Yes, Mike and I are doing something very similar. This is our first home, and doing a lot of the work ourselves is a great way for us to get into the house, since we have no equity and not a lot of $. You might want to consider going through an assistance program, like we are- they manage the finances, provide you with a list of contractors, have someone draw up the plans for you... there are a lot of plusses, versus trying to go it yourself with no help! Why don't you pm me, and we can compare notes!! So far- I have to say the hardest part has been trying tio find land to build on in our area- that has been a BEAST!!!

Karen Smile


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