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Help with my Stove

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Can anyone help with my stove problem? 2 weeks ago my husband turned on the stove and it went poof and died. I was leaving to go to Arizona the next day and he said he'd fix it so I didn't care. I tried cooking on Sunday night when I got back and all the elements go on...he replaced 2 elements and did a bunch of wiring...One of the new elements was red hot on 5 (medium) so I turned it down to 3 then to 2...still red hot. Evil or Very Mad Any idea's of what to replace or look at next? We've already sunk $100.00. That's 1/10 of a new stainless steel gas stove (my dream stove). HELP!
Sounds like the wiring to the rheostat is either wrong or the rheostat itself is bad.
I wouldn't use that burner until its repaired..
Thanks...I'll check it out!


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