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Mud and tape or skimcoat? What is the best to finish walls?

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Ok, so I've got the walls finished on the inside of the house. What is the best way to finish the walls?

Some say Mud and Tape. Others say I should have my walls skimcoated.

What do you think, Guru?
I like skimcoat plaster. The surface is MUCH smoother and is a harder finish. Also there is much less dust as there is no sanding involved. You can mix paint into the plaster mixture and then do a textured ceiling. Then the ceilings are already painted!! The whole house could be done in a week (depending on the size) with 2 or 3 guys working. One would be mixing and delivering fresh plaster to the other two plasterers...

Mud and tape on the other hand can be done by most, and is less expensive. It seems that skimcoat is primarily done in certian areas (like Boston and Cape Cod areas). So to find a good craftsman that can do skimcoat might be hard if not impossible in your area, so check around.


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