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How should I finish my mud and tape job?

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I've got the first layer of mud and tape on my walls.
Should I sand the mud or should I use another process?

Are there any tools I can buy to make it easier?

What about all that dust?

Thanks, Guru.
Well you only need to sand the walls first if you didn't put the first coat on thin enough. Each coat should be put on so there is no sanding needed untill all the coats are done. If sanding IS needed then use a sander attached to a shopvac (not your home vac) that goes through a water bucket first. So the sander is attached to a hose that goes to the bottom of a bucket of water with a lid. Then there is a hose to the vac from the lid (not in the water). This makes the dust go thrugh the water and get trapped! 98% dust free!

Buy a large slightly curved trowel to do the seams. This makes a very slight hump of joint compound over the tape and will shrink flat when dry. Also the curve makes the edges of the trowel scrape the wallboard harder and cuts down on the "hard edge" which makes sanding easier.

Practice makes perfect! The better it goes on the less sanding later!
What about the final coat?

Sanding? Or are there other methods?
Sanding is preferred, but one could use a sponge dampened in a bucket of clean water and 'wet" sand. This in kind of tricky because the sponge may leave gouges but it could be quickly learned. Dust is mostly eliminated this way too!
The sponge works pretty good if you have done a good job of applying the mud. If there are any bulges or bumps a flat surface like a sanding screen or sanpaper work the best, but the dust is a real factor.
Yep there is a lot of dust from a screen type sander. But if you get that sander that attaches to the bucket of water, (described about 4 up) there is just about dust free sanding. I wouldn't use it for a real large job though as you need to change the water every hour or so, but even for a one or two room project... perfect!
Ron, I'm FAAAARRRRR from an expert but we just sheetrocked and taped a 20x20 addition, it was a TERRIBLE ordeal. Doug and I had different methods and I think mine worked better (of course I do!!). I spread the mud veeeeery thinly, prefering to have to go over it again where necessary (he slapped it on and had to sand more) . I was able to get away with very little sanding and finished with a damp sponge. It was still pretty dusty but I think the end result came out quite nicely. Have fun Very Happy
I think TheGuru has said: "The person who puts the mud on, has to sand it off". This would very quickly correct any problems in the application process! Wink
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