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laminate and wet rooms

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I was thinking of using laminate tiles (the klind that look like ceramic) in my kitchen, and possibly a bathroom... Are these ok rooms to install laminate in? Are there any special consideration I need to think about for areas that water is used in? Can I use the click together kind, or do I need to apply the glue?

Any recommendations are appreciated!

Karen Smile
There ar lots of companies producing the laminate flooring these days... I just did a cabinet repair in a dentist's office. I built the office space almost 8 years ago. There is a full kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms (one public and one private) 5 operatory rooms, one recovery room, one plaster room, and one area in the center of it all for the nurses to autoclave, make and do this and that (whatever nurses do in the nurses station!!). There are sinks in EVERY room with floor toe kick space push with your toe, faucett controls (these are cool). There is a pergo floor in the entire place except the big cheese's office where she has carpet. There was no noticeable wear anywhere. I was amazed. I even looked around to see if there were any worn out spots or anything but all was fine. Her husband is also a dentist and he, about a year ago, put the same pergo in his office too! (I guess hers was the test?) So does this answer your question about water? I guess unless you are going to soak it, and leave standing water on the surface day after day, it should be OK.
Yeah!!! That's great! I was really excited about using laminate in my home, I just wasn't sure about the water issue. thanks for the reassurance!

Karen Smile
My pleasure!! That's why I'm here!!


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