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Radio show on home repairs and how to get rid of ants

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Hi. Very Happy

There's a really good radio show here in Ottawa that you can follow on the internet at CFRA.com, on the left - go to CFRA weekend shows - its Home Focus. Its every Saturday morning from 8:00am to 10:00 am EST. You can ask anything you want about home renovations, repairs, offer your own tips but they don't mention or endorse specific brands. You can also email them your questions.

Its fun to listen to and very informative. Here's one suggestion that a teenager gave them a few years ago that was his school project;

If you have an ant problem, just mix 50/50 baking soda and icing sugar. Lay it out inside and outside (if outside, cover it up so it doesn't get wet).The reasoning is that the sugar attracts them and the baking soda gives them gas. Now the funny part is since ants with all that gas can't pass it, they just explode!!! Laughing Laughing .

I've been using this mixture and it works really well, is very inexpensive and most important is very safe if there are kids around and especially for pets (including yours and my curious sheepies).

Uncle Pete Very Happy
That sounds like a great idea!! I have an ant farm, I think I'll try it out!
I'm trying this plan ---thanks for the post Uncle Pete.

Maybe if I'm lucky, not only will I get rid of the ants,
the catepillers (gypsy moth) little tiny feet will get stuck and
the will not be able to climb the trees Very Happy
Also try mixing boric acid with peanutbutter (sweetened with sugar type). That way you are going after the sugar ants and the "meat-eating" ants.

I heard mice and rats can't burp so if you put out pails of carbonated soft drink, the same explosion occurs in rodents.
And yet another use for good 'ol CocaCola


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