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Golf ball stuck in toilet: help:

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One of my angelic children put a golf ball down the toilet.
I have taking it apart and can't find or get to it.
The toilet will not flush properly.
Any help would be great.
Sounds like you might be in a hurry! Have you taken the toilet off the seal
and not found it inside? I would put something flexible down through the toilet itself while it is off the seal to be sure it isn't caught inside. You can
buy those long flexible brushes at a home depot type store fairly cheap
and go ahead and get yourself a new wax seal while you are at it - they
are very cheap and you will need a new one now. I think I got my last one
for about $.67. If it isn't inside the toilet it has gone into your drainage
pipe. If the toilet is still not flushing properly, you will have to locate it
and remove it.

Thanks for your response. I did take it of the seal and it must be in the toilet because the drain hole is clear. I will try to push a brush through it.
You didn't say how the toilet wasn't flushing properly... it it really slow all the time, or just when there are solids in it?

If the flush is slow all the time with/without solids, I think TheGuru has suggested pouring a bucket of water down into the open flange to see if the blockage is somewhere in the pipes or in the toilet.

If it's in the toilet, then the ball is probably stuck in the trap, and whatever you've tried to use to clear the toilet is just skipping over the ball. Have you tried turning the whole bowl upside down, and THEN trying a snake? Perhaps with two people you could slowly rotate the bowl, following the path of the trap, and get the ball to follow the trap out into the bowl. (This assumes the ball is heavier than water (it is), and it will ride the bottom all the way around..)

Good luck!
Would it be impolite to find this funny?
You can find this as humoruous as you like. Before you laugh, consider that last month they flushed a large bar of soap down the same toilet. That took me quite some time to fix.
I won't mention that the little one drew a picture on our car with a rock.
While they may be a little develish they are very cute.
HEHEHEHEH, I can laugh, my children are all grown. Sorry Confused
If the toilet is still off the seal, then take it outside, lay it on it's side and put a garden hose down the drain in the bowl and let 'er rip! The ball should pop out the other end. Or maybe go from the bottom up! Be carefull though, you don't want to crack the porcelan where the tank and bowl are bolted together...

I need to lay down I feel quite 'flushed' Very Happy
Years ago, a kid I babysat for stuck a candy cane in the ignition of his dad's van (not on my watch, by the way). It was really hard not to laugh at that one Wink


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