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So here's the deal....... my honey and I are in the process of grading clearing and seeeding two acres of land into lawn. To help with the task we have borrowed a tractor with a stone rake. WHERE EXACTLY in the tractor manual does it say "the man shall drive the tractor and the women shall pick the stones"????????? My honey (who I do love and adore) insists that there is a well known LAW that says you must hqave a certain testosterone level in order to drive a tractor. Please home improvement GURU, tell me it ain't so.
ahhh, grass hopper, at this point we say:

"And yea, behold the man shall find himself with naught to sup upon but the very rocks from the land"

Or in his terms- get off the tractor, help me with the rocks, or feed yourself!
How come the stone rake isn't raking the stones.... Must be operator error?
As I always say, He who leaveth the rocks..... picketh the rocks!!

That also would be the same for putting joint compound on the walls. "He who puts the mud on the walls... sands it" That way one learns how to put it on right, real quick!!
I was all excieted when I heard we were getting a stone rake.............. til I found out it only got the biguns' and left lots of littleuns' for female of the tribe to pick!!!!!!!!!!

I do however, like both of your philosophies. Too late for the mud but theres lot of stones in that there dirt!
2 acres of little rock to pick up.
Wonder if there is a use for a whole bunch of sorted-by-size rocks.....
You building a wall anywhere? Water drainage below and behind.
You could clean them and paint a little face on all of them and sell them as 'pet rocks'...

Just a fun suggestion!!

Stone soup?
In the old days they would take all the rocks and make a real nice wall with them. Now all those walls are historic and we can't touch them. So start a trend!
Well actually, I'm a bit of a gardening buff and have started establishing a plethora of perrineal beds. The rocks make GREAT, FREE borders Very Happy Since I usually add a new flower bed every year (til I run out of dirt Very Happy ) there will be uses for rocks for years to come.


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