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How do I move a slate pool table?

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I have this 10 year old 1" slate pool table and I would like to move it to the first floor. Right now it's in the basement. Is there any way to do this without calling in the pool table guys?
You could lower the house!! Very Happy

Is it a one piece slate or a multi piece?
Is it real ornate carved wood legs or a more modern cabinet?

In either case you will have to remove the felt, and the bumpers. Might as well get new ones at this time since they are 10 years old. If the slate is a 1 piece then get the pool table guys, because that is one heavy piece of rock. If it a say 3 piece top, it can be removed piece by piece, carried upstairs and put back together. You will need a good level, straight edge, patience, some friends and some pizza. The slate is either splined or glued or both, then there is some leveling compound that goes on the seam when all done to make sure there is no discrepancies between pieces. After all that, the new bumpers are cut to fit and installed along with a new felt. You could get the pool table experts where you buy the felt to give you some pointers, but they will try to sell you their service by discouraging you.

Good Luck!!
I challenge you to a game of 8 ball when your done!


TheGuru wrote:
I challenge you to a game of 8 ball when your done!
9-ball, rotation...
OK best of 7

You're on!

TheGuru wrote:
You're on!
Yes, I'm Ron.
OK you're ALL invited to a game of pool. We could play any game you like too! But first we need to carry it upstairs!!
AND put it back together!

Do you think the floor will hold the extra weight?
That's a hard question...
What happens when you walk around in the room your talking about?
Does the floor shake at all? Do things rattle slightly that are on tables or shelves?
If you answered yes to any of those you should probably put some extra support under the table area. Let me know and I can go into more detail about the different types


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