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My tractor is leaking gas somewhere

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OK, I've got a 10 year old tractor in pretty good shape... in fact TheGuru is pretty familiar with this one, as he's been called upon to repair it more than once.

I just used it for the second time this season on Thursday, and now the Garage stinks of gasoline. The room above the garage also stinks of gas.

I have sniffed around with my nose and kind of traced the strength to where the gas line goes into the engine - presumably the carburetor, though it doesn't look like one from the outside.

The line doesn't appear to be leaking anywhere.. it's certainly not wet anywhere around or below the carb, yet the smell is strongest directly over where the carb is.

As a note... this is the first time that I filled the tractor with 2 gallons+ before mowing, so it's likely to have much more gas in the tank than before.

Guru, and insights into this area of the tractor's engine? Might there be an issue with that fuel shutoff bolt/solenoid?
If it was that fuel shutoff bolt/solenoid, then it would be wet with gas at the bottom of that fule bowl that hangs down from the carb.

See if its wet there.

Did you take off the air cleaner to see if it is soaked with gas?

Is it running ok even though you have the gas smell?

you could hire a lawn service and give them the tractor in trade.... Wink
What I thought was the carburetor wasn't; It appears to be some sort of a fuel passthru behind the engine. (I thought it was strange that the air cleaner was on the other side of the motor.) On the other side, metal fuel line emerges and is mated to rubber line (both compression clamps are just dangling, but the connections are dry).

The line then goes into the carb, and under the carb is a dinky little bowl, at the bottom of which there is a small barrel shaped device with a wire attached. I assume this is the fuel supply shutoff solenoid? (I thought that was removed?) Anyway, the gas is leaking from there. I felt around and tried to see if there's a way to tighten up on that, with no luck.

The device appears to be in two sections, a small (perhaps 1/2" or 5/8") tube is at top connected to the bowl, then the large device is below that, and the wire sticks out from the bottom. This secobnd large section is loose to the touch; it wobbles a little side-to-side if I push it.

I don't see how this all attaches, perhaps there's a flat side on the smaller tube that I can't see?
That wire on the bottom of the dinkey little bowl... pull it off and there should be a nut there! (not an acorn either)
A nut under the wire... how cool is that... not....

I will check in the morning. In the meantime, I separated the fuel line at the fuel filter and plugged both ends with various tools, fired up the motor and ran the carb dry.

Thanks, Guru!
I'll look for an adapter nut to eliminate that solinoid. If I find it I could mail it to you....
one nut and one washer
So Ron, pursuent to my post regarding an IMPORTANT Tractor question............ is your tractor a male only tractor or is your wife allowed to drive it? Very Happy
I prefer my women with two legs, arms, feet adn 10 toes.
I guess that's one of those "things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm"


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