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Refrigerated Air Cooling System

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Do you have to keep a crack in the window like you do with the water based coolers, or is it better to seal the windows so the air in the house circulates trough the return duct to the cooling system?

Temperatures are running in the low 100's here real soon, and I'd like to keep my system as efficient as possible. Is there a temperature that is considerated energy efficient for a 4 ton equipment?

Thanks Guru!
Well up here in the northeast, just about everyone who cools, closes all the windows and lets the ac unit recirculate and keep the air cool and dehumidified. I wouldn't know too much about the water cooled systems.

I would think there is an optimal temp setting that would be the most energy efficient, but there would be a lot of variables too. Like the humidity, temp outside verses temp inside difference. What time of day and how much glass is facing the sun.
You could talk with the manufacturer tech people to get those questions answered accurately.


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