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Ahhh okay given the choice I would prefer to lay down sheet lino in my bathroom but it seems kinda of difficult to do...or am I wrong about that?Is sheet lino less expensive to purchase?

There currently is sheet lino in the bathroom at the moment and except for one tiny spot behind the toilet it appears to be in good shape. I purchased a new toilet but before I install it I want to lay down lino. Are peel and stick ones okay? How long is their average life span? How do I prep the floor (not removing the old tile) before laying down the peel and stick?

Guru since you started contributing to this forum I've appreciated the advice and it gave me motivation to try lots of home reno's. So far I've painted 5 rooms, installed laminate flooring, had a fan installed, new sidelight windows and one above the door replaced by more modern glass (it had that horrible 70's brown/orange glass before. I've cleaned, scrubbed and shampooed carpets...painted 10 doors in my house- urg..horrible tedious job! Whew! I also learned how to install a sink and now going to attempt to install a toilet.

Once I completed the bathroom reno it's on to removing the outdated living room wallpaper and hopefully saving up for laminate flooring in the living room and dining room. (thanks to having three dogs and longing for an easier life!) Ha Ha! Okay I'll admit I'm now hooked on doing reno's and anyone reading this I'd encourage them to go ahead and try it!

Thanks in advance Guru!
Personally I don't like peel and stick...if it is a bathroom that will get dirt, sand, water it will in time lift and become unstuck.

You also have to get extra esp if you have a pattern, you will need to cut and line up to make the pattern fit smoothly.

A friend of mine had this ugly bathroom lino, but couldn't afford to remove it, so they bought the right paint and primer, cleaned it with TSP and painted it white. It looks great, and now she doesn't have to worry about changing it for a long time.
Hey Marianne. I put peel & stick in the kitchen of the mobile I lived in and had no problems with it. Even Kayli couldn't peel it up! Wait, I did also put a very thin layer of glue down too. I put this down over the old lino that was there, some cheap stuff that Kayli decided looked terrible and peeled up off the floor. If you go this route, don't use a lot of glue, it seeps up between the tiles and is a pain to clean up.

Now, the kitchen floor in my house was peel & stick tile before I put down that blue/green/black/white plaid linoleum and let me tell you, I had a heck of a time getting that stuff up. Holy cow, I couldn't unclench my hands for several days. It took some nasty solvent stuff in an orange can to even make a dent in the stickum.

Oh, and by the way, thanks for motivating me to get off my butt and start working on the house again! Let me know how the toilet replacement goes. I'm going to have to pull mine up when I start on the bathroom floor.

I love peel and stick! It is so easy to do, and yes they wear a little faster, so just make sure to buy an extra box when you do it, from the same lot so they match, and when some wear or get damaged you can replace them. My kitchen and bathroom are all sheet linoleum, and it's a pain because things get dropped, put a hole in it, and you can't do anything about it.....
I know I am not the Guru, but..
Having had to re-do floors more than once, I will give you these pointers.
First, I hate to say it, but you get what you pay for. The cheaper tiles and
even the cheaper sheet flooring will show massive wear over a short
time, and the tiles will slide. I do think you can find a really good grade
of stick tile, but make sure they are laid tight together and sealed.
Especially if they will be in a moisture prone or warm area. I thought I
had minevery tight only to find, a year later, that I had gaps between. It
is much easier to lay the sticky tiles than sheet material. I would use the
tiles again, but probably in a small area, and I would buy the best I could
afford. My experience with flooring is to spend a little more, it will last
longer and resist staining and scratches better. One thing I had a major
problem with was the chair feet scratching the floor. I did use the heavy
duty felt tabs on the bottoms, but even those get grit embedded and start
scratching. My kitchen floor is 5 years old now, and is beginning to show
a little wear. I am thinking I should have gone a little higher grade! I
did that floor in a sheet. The stick tiles are convenient, easy to install and
easy to handle. Sheet material is harder to handle, you may have to seam
it, and generally needs to be bonded in some fashion to the underlayment.
However, tiles may slide or become unstuck. Replacing a tile is easy,
fixing damage in a sheet, like a burn or stain, is more involved, but not
that hard. I will use sheet linoleum every time now. I really
think what I have found available in sticky tiles is not the quality in the long run as sheet linoleum. I am sure there is some out there, I have not
found it. Installing sheet material is not hard, and I think it is worth it. Just
be certain the surface you are covering is the best it can be. No dents, or
cracks. They WILL show up over time. There is a product made to
level and smooth the floor before you lay the sheet or tile. It gets rock hard and I recommend using it, even over the joints if you are
using bc plywood. I can't recall the name, but the one I got was blue. I am sure the guru or the home supply person can tell you what to use.
If there is any pattern on the floor you have now and you are not removing the old stuff, you must use some kind of leveler, or the cracks
and pattern will show later. Some will tell you that a shallow pattern won't
show, but I disagree, from experience. If you are going over old tile, your
new tile seams won't match up and that will be a problem later. Either
way you are doing a smallish area, right? The leveler is well worth it!
Good luck! It will be fun. I love installing flooring! If you weren't so far
I would come do it for you. Cool

I agree with Shellie...
First you do need to smooth out your old floor with a floor leveling compound. Comes in a powder you mix with water. Then put on with a 6" wide putty knife then sand smooth. Real easy to do just do it in small batches as some compounds dry real fast.

Sheet vinyl (as known in the trade) is not too hard to lay down. You make a one piece pattern out of brown paper or use a kit from the flooring company. You would tape down (so it won't move) paper about 1 inch from all walls. Tape all the paper together too if it is in pieces so later you can pick up the whole thing as a unit. You don't have to tape all around the edges just enough so it won't move say a piece every foot or so.
Now take a 2" wide straight edge like a ruler. It must be wider than the space you left around the edges. Put this against the wall and run a pencil against the straight edge so you have a line all the way around the paper 2 inches away from the wall. Take special note when doing near a door so you understand how the line should go.
Now pick up the paper and unroll the sheet vinyl on a clean surface. I like to use the garage or basement floor (after a good sweeping).
Tape the paper down on top of the vinyl and put the straight edge back on the line you drew earlier. Take a utility knife and cut the other side (where the wall would be). This is why you would not do this on your living room hardwood floor!! Keep moving the edge a little at a time keeping it on the line and cutting the other side. Take you time. When you are done you have an exact piece of sheet vinyl that will fit perfectly!! Some of the vinyl companies recommend to glue the entire sheet down using special adhesive and a notched trowel with real small notches (like 1/16") and some say to just glue 3 or 4 inches around the edges. So find out how the company says to install yours.

Good luck!!
Wow I love this place so much all all of you that contributed gave such wonderful advice - thanks !!

The lino that is currently down, resembles those little square 1 inch by 1 inch ceramic tiles. Urg! Going to be quite the job leveling it. I always liked it but it discolored near the toilet when the toilet leaked. I did have someone check it a few months ago to make sure there is no damage to the wood underneath. Which is why there is a now a tiny tear behind the toilet where they checked.

Hmmm painting it would be an option and one that I may consider. Thanks! I am definately going to ask about this possibility next time I visit Home Depot.

The peel and stick I purchased for that job, I realized looked hideous in that bathroom. The design looked fine when looking at one square but once I laid them all down (thank gawd I listened to my know it all sister this one time!) She suggested I do that as she stated the tiles reminded her of something one would find in a clown room. Ha! They clashed terribly with the countertop, which has a marble design with a few colors. I hadn't pulled off the stick part but laid them down to get an idea of what they would look like and could see the entire pattern. Thank gawd I hadn't stuck them down or one would feel dizzy going into that room with so many patterns.

No loss however...as ironically I do have a real live clown room downstairs where I store all my costumes and props and will use those tiles down there!! It was kinda funny how that turned out!

Thanks Guru for your simple explaination which makes it sound possible that I can attempt the sheet lino myself should I chose to go that route.

Once again I appreciate all the helpful advice everyone has given me! My son has again become ill and as a result I've taken a leave of absense from my job. No complaints as I'm now home which is why I have the time to do the long put off projects but as with everyone ..you either have the time or the money. I have the time but have to try do these projects on my own and try to cut down the cost. The good thing is that my house is looking really spiffy these days even with all the pets in the household!

I'll keep you guys posted on how it turns out.



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