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Has anyone had any experience with Patio Enclosures, Inc.? This is supposedly a national firm with headquarters in Ohio. I have been taking bids from several companies for this type of improvement. A rep from this outfit presented a very reasonable proposal, and I was ready to sign a contract when the rep called back to say after discussing the project with his construction supervisor, they decided they didn't want to do the project. Their bid was in the middle of 5 bids, but seemed to be the most complete. I questioned the action with the home office and now they want to go ahead. Now I'm not so sure about the outfit.
That's weird.
Why did they say was the reason for not wanting to do it?
Were they just too busy or was it some kind of weird fitting problem that they didn't want to deal with?
If you like their product then ask for referrials for you to contact in your area. Ask them if they liked the workmanship and would they hire again...
I don't know if there was any connection, but it was a day after I asked for referrals that I received the call that they decided they didn't want to do the job. No reasons were given. I had checked their record with the BBB prior to initially contacting them and it was pretty good; after this happened I checked it again and BBB had no listing for them. I checked several other of their out of state locations, and one of the locations had closed. I'm thinking they may be going to close down the local office; at any rate I've crossed them off the list. Thanks Guru for your input.
Does sound kind of fishy... Good thing they are off your list. There may be a home show coming up in your area.. check the convention centers around you.

Good Luck!


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