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How do I pick a good landscaper?

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I desperately need some new landscaping around my new in ground swimming pool. Any ideas on finding a good one?
Thanks a lot!
You could go to your local mason supply for hardscape, or for garden supply go to your local greenhouse. You could also ask thy neighbor or look in the local paper. But ask for references you can go look at too!

This was my business, so I can offer suggestions:

Indeed ask for references. Ask for an assortment of references: new, last year and before. The new landscape owners you can ask about efficienty, honesty, etc. Were the materials used of appropriate quality to the bid...did they pay for higher quality materials and end up with Big Box specials? (maybe they don't know) Would they recommend the landscaper to another person....like a family member? LOL.

Last year's owners: ask about warranties, did the plants survive the first season, etc. If there was a call back for repair, was it done quickly and properly.

Previous years, look at the job.....was it over planted for effect and now needs heavy maintenance? How is the hard scape holding up?(non plant materials) Are there drainage problems that weren't addressed? Did the job come out the way you expected? Does the job look nice?
That's great advice!!

Thank you!


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