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pre-made flooring medallions and borders

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Hi Guru!

I was reading my "flooring 1-2-3" book from Home Depot, andf they hadf a little section in there about installing pre-fabricated floor meddlaions and borders. I think these items would be a great addition to a home (Esp. since I like victorian architecture, and want a victorian home!) How easy are these item to put in? Is it as simple as the book makes it look- place your medallion , draw a cutout, cut the floor section out, install medallion, voila? Or are these broder and medallions harder than they look?

Also -Can you combine flooring types with medallions and borders? If I have a laminate floor, and I want to install a hardwood medallion- is that going to work? Will it not install properly? Would it look dumb?? (I don't think they make decorative borders and medallions in laminate, do they?)

I eagerly await your wisdom!

Karen Smile
I have installed only one 6 foot round medallion. It came with a pattern with a hole cut out and a router bit. You install the floor as usual, then tack down the pattern and run the router around the edge. Hopefully you don't put any nails where the cut is so the router bit lasts for the entire cut! A square one would be easier I would think, but the router seemed to work flawlessly on the round one (I didn't hit ANY nails!).

I don't think you could put one in a laminate floor system because the laminate floor floats and needs a space around any fixed objects. You would have to leave a 1/4" gap all around the medallion. Don't know if that would look acceptable or not.

I have never seen any borders in the laminate flooring but don't rule out that they may exist! Check a good flooring showroom that deals in different laminate companies and ask.


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