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Ceramic tile planters

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I have a 20'x50' deck and would like to try an idea I saw in a magazine. What you do is cover premade wood planter boxes with ceramic floor tiles, using tile adhesive and then grouting them. My concerns are will they weigh a ton and will they stand up to the weather? I would like to make them as large as possible without worrying about them falling through the deck.

Hmmm.. that sounds like a good idea.

Lets see about the weight, figure out how many tiles it would take to cover a planter box then go to Home Depot and pick up that many! Thats how much more the planter would weigh, plus some thinset and grout.

You could put the plants inside in slightly smaller pots so it would weigh less than if full of soil.

The tile should stand to the weather but you must get a exterior grade thinset and grout.
as for cutting down the weight- fill the bottom with foam peanuts like you
get in shipping packages then put a few layers of newspaper on top of
them and soil on top of that. You can 'plant' a few plastic pots in the top
layer and then just pop your potted plants in them. No digging, easily replaced next year. Just put them in so the rim is even with the top of the
soil or mulch and you won't even see the pots.



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