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How do I replace a toilet?

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I have an old 3.5 gallon flush toilet and really could use a newer one. I was thinking of doing this myself. It doesn’t seem too hard. Could you give me some help on how?

Thanks a bunch

Even though I didn't have the experience before, I learned how to install a sink and toilet by taking the FREE workshops at Home Depot that are offered to the public on Sat and Sundays. I highly recommend them if you live in an area with one.

Some toilets come complete with all the attachements necessary which in my opinion makes it a simple process. Mine even had the new wax seal included...toilet bowl,tank, bolts and seal on sale at Home Depot for 99 dollars.

Only two important things to remember and you can't go wrong...turn off the water in the bathroom and empty the tank and bowl.

The job is simple enough for one person to do, however a really important thing to get right the first time is when you lay down the bowl on top of the new wax seal. It has to be perfect and probably easier if two people are holding on to the bowl for equal pressure on both sides. If you mess up you have to buy another one as this will prevent your toilet from leaking in the future.

>>>now back to Guru whom has obviously had more experience and can let you know if I've forgotten anything,

good luck!
Ok step by step...
1-SHUT OFF water at toilet
2-flush toilet and remove any water left in tank and bowl with a sponge
3-remove the water supply on the bottom, back of tank
4-remove the covers over the bolts that hold the bowl to the floor
5-remove the bolts
6-the toilet is now ready to remove, lift up and away.

7-prep the new toilet by installing the wax seal on the bottom flange
7a-note: some people like to put the wax on the floor flange first instead
8-prep the floor flange by cleanung off old wax
9-slide new bolts into the keyhole shaped slots on the left and right of the floor flange. Make sure they stand upright and are at the 9 and 3 oclock positions.
10-carefully turn the toilet upright dont let the flange touch ground
11- while holding the toilet over the floor flange, slowly lower it over the bolts and onto the wax ring.
12- press down untill the toilet sits flat on the floor.
13- replace washers and nuts, and carefully tighten to floor. Nt to tight or you'll crack the toilet.
14- replace the water supply hose or re-install the old if it lines up (I like the braded stainless steel flexible supply lines. They are easy and have o-rings built into the ends already and come in many different lengths).



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