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How do I replace a kitchen / bathroom faucet?

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My kitchen faucet has discolored and needs to be replaced, so I was thinking about replacing both the kitchen and bathroom faucets. Could you give me some helpful tips? Do you think I could do this myself or should I get a plumber?
Of course you can do this!
You need to be able to get at the underside of the faucet from inside the cabinet. There is a hot and cold supply. Shut off the two shut offs under there, and remove the tube that goes from the shutoff to the faucet. There should be either one or two big nuts screwd on holding the faucet mounting plate. There is a tool called a spud wrench that will greatly help getting these nuts loose. Some faucets have plastic nuts while others are steel. Also note that some only have one and others have two and still others will mound from the top through the removable arm.

The new faucet will go in in reverse. Buy new supply lines that go from the shutoff to the faucet. They are braided stainless steel, cost about 4 dollars and have built in orings on each end to make the connections easy.


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