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How do I replace a bathtub?

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My bathtub is one of those tubs with the claw feet and I want to upgrade to a newer model. There is a perfect corner where the old tub is now. The plumbing is accessible from the basement below.

Do you think I should put in porcelain on cast iron or a fiberglass one?
This is quite a project. ALL of the existing hot and cold water lines as well as the drain and vent will have to be changed.

The area will also have to be gutted and reframed the correct size to accept the new tub. Any tub or shower assembly gets mounted directly to the studs and not on top of drywall. The new anti scald shower faucet gets installed before any drywall would get put back up too.

Porcelain on cast iron tubs are 4 men tubs. That means its so heavy that it takes 4 men to carry one into the bathroom and place it in position! Kidding aside, it is the Cadillac of tubs. It feels solid when stepping in, holds a shine longer, and is more durable. But more expensive.

Fiberglass has more options such as integrated wall systems, different shapes and sizes, and less expensive and much lighter!


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