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How do I replace a garbage disposer?

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My in sink erator garbage disposer is making a funny noise and probably should be replaced.
How do I do this and what other parts do I need to get?

Is there a model that is better than most?
The ol ISE...
First turn off the electrical power to the disposer. Don't depend on the switch go to the breaker.

Remove the electrical wires.
Remove the drain from the trap and also to the dishwasher if there.
There should be 3 bolts up at the top locking the unit to the hanging ring.
Loosten then twist and the disposer will drop down.

You will have to replace the drain (the part you see from the top of the sink) because all are slightly different the way the disposer hanges and locks.

You really don't need any other parts unless the drains look rotted when you took them apart.

The more expensive, more hosepower you get , more stainless steel parts there are and the quieter it is. generally
I did this one all by myself! Twice, in fact! The first time I reinstalled the old one when I replaced the sink and don't you know, it died two days later; it was pretty old. Second time around was a breeze since I knew exactly what I was doing.

Hey Great!!!
It's great when something needs to be replaced or fixed and you know how to do it....


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