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How do I replace a dishwasher?

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My dishwasher is not working and I want to replace it. Any help on how to do this and which brand is best?

Do you think it's hard to replace a dish washer?

I Like Maytag, Bosch, Kenmore and Kitchenaid.
Kenmore all the way, they last forever... well almost. LOL
All my appliances have been Kenmore, except my washing machine which is a Maytag, bought about 8 years ago. My dishwasher is a Kenmore and is now 10 years old with no problems so far *touch wood* My dryer is a Kenmore, 19 years old, and has given me a bit of grief the last couple of years, but always minor things, belts, fuses etc.
First turn of the electrical power to the dishwasher.
Then turn of the hot water supply under the sink that goes to the dishwasher.
There are 2 screws up under the counter above the door that hold in the dishwasher, remove these.
Note*** some are screwed down to the floor near the rear feet instead.
You will have to un-wire the electrical which is under the panel below the door.
Also the drain will have to be taken off either the side of the garbage disposer (if you have one), or the side of the drain near the trap.
Thats all there is to it! Slide it out and reverse order to install. There are directions too that come with your new one.
Some areas require a vent trap on the top of the counter so check with the local inspector. The drain NEEDS to be looped up as high as possible under the counter to make an air trap, so clip it to the bottom of the counter or drill a hole through the cabinet side as high as possible!

Have fun !!
A little extra...

Make sure that all water is drained out of the tub and the hoses! Our dishwasher actually caught fire in the middle of a cycle (Just the computer in the door so a little electrical fire nothing worth calling 'the boys' out on). We pulled the dishwasher out from under the counter and let it sit because it was pretty late at night. Well, by the next morning all the water had leaked out and run to the low point in the floor where the dishwasher had been before. Since there was no tile there, it seeped through the subfloor and discolored the ceiling of the lower level.

Hmmmm, somewhere around here there's directions for painting a ceiling....
Your lucky that it didn't start a real big fire. You would have had a lot more water damage then...
That is the first I have ever heard of a d/w catching fire....
We're actually lucky that we're forgetful! We went over to a friend's house so that my husband could fix their garbage disposal and were going to turn it on before we left but forgot to. Once we got home we turned it on and then spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out where the electrical smell was coming from.

The control panel in the top of the door is what caught fire. Blue sparks at first and then blue flame and that great smell of wires burning. My husband was underneath it checking on the motor. He didn't believe me when I said that there were flames so he turned it back on to see for himself!

I guess this is what is meant when they ask what does it mean when my dishwasher doesn't get dishes clean anymore. LOL
Guru- how do you put in a dishwasher, when there wasn't one to begin with? We're gonna install it next to the new sink cabinet...

Karen Smile
Well first there has to be the correct sized space for it. 24" wide and 34 1/2" high under the counter top. If that's OK then you need a 120 v circuit there as the dishwasher is 'hard wired'. That means it's not plugged into a recepticle, but the wire is installed right into a box on the bottom of the dishwasher itself. It will come with the wiring connection instructions. Now all you need is to connect the hot water supply and the drain. You would need to install a 'T' on the hot water supply pipe under the sink and then a shutoff. From there a stainless steel flexible hose can be used to connect the water supply. The drain goes either into the side of a disposer or to another 'T' on the side of the drain just above the trap. If you have a disposer there is a connection on the side up at the top that has a knockout untill you want to use it for a dishwasher drain. the rubber hose connects there with a hose clamp.
One last thing, some locals require a vacuume break for the drain. This is a loop that actually sticks above the counter slightly and the drain goes up to it and then down to the drain connection. Some locals only require a loop up as high as possible without going through the counter top. Check with your local building department first or ask a plumber which one you need.


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