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How do I replace a gas oven / cook top?

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I have an old gas cook top and a gas wall oven. I need to replace them with a stainless steel model so it matches my kitchen. Could you give me some pointers?
Just a note.........I thought it would be a quickie job......until I found out, by law, gas connections must be made my a licensed person. It was a quickie job...someone else did it.

Only thing I can offer is make sure the vent over the stove is the right size for your cooking surface......not only lenghth Smile but also for the BTU level of your stove. People moving to the higher BTU stoves also need to upgrade their hoods.

Was it just my budget or wall oven size that prevented me from getting a self cleaning model? Bummer.

See if combo oven...convection is available. Friends with such really like them. As to cook top, I'm with you......stainless.

Someday I hope to win th lottery and get a new kitchen................dreamer
Okay, here goes...I am a kitchen designer and have 14 yrs experience..you may have a hard time replacing your cook top and wall ovens as the opening sizes are fixed...you will need to measure the cut out openings before you go look at new appliances...the new appliances will have to have slightly larger openings than the old. If your new cook top is roughly the same size, lets say 30'', the cut out still may be different ie too small and may fall thru the existing opening..same with the wall oven...if you are replacing the counter top, no problem...best advise is to go looking with your cut out sizes in advance, that way you dont fall in love with one appliance and then find out it wont fit....hope this helps
All true..
Gas is inherently dangerous, so best left to a gas fitter.

If your appliance is connected with a flexible stainless steel gas supply then you could replace this with a new one.

NEVER re use the old one. I repeat.. NEVER use the old one for any reason.

Shut off the gas supply at the appliance before doing ANY work.

There is a leak detecting liquid (not dishwashing liquid) that you put on all the joints to check for leaks. If it bubbles, there is a leak there and it would need to be tightened slightly and tested again.


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