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Where can I get replacement wall tile?

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No, I haven't managed to break any myself yet, but upon removing part of the counter I find that when it was installed, a 1" square hole was cut out of one. Who knows what else I might find when I remove the vanity side of it.

It's that pink tile, popular in the 50's. I can post a pic if necessary. It's not a popular color these days, but then I haven't checked to see if I can special order it from HD.


ps - I love my reciprocating saw!!
I have found in the past that trying to match older tile (older than a few years is older in the tile world) is almost impossible. You would need to take a sample around to different tile stores / showrooms and see if something is close enough for your approval
Hey Jil!

have you thought about putting in a cute accent tile instead of trying to find a replacement? Maybe you could take out a few tiles sporadically, and then put in some cute tiles that accent your color scheme? Then you wouldn't have to worry about the matching part, and it would look planned!

Karen Smile
That is actually an EXCELLENT idea Karen! I'll have extra glass mosaic tiles from the floor . . . . .

You Rock!

I guess that's why I'm not an interior decorator....
But I would have thought that up too if given enough time!!
Have no fear Wise Guru, you're still tops in my book!

who is waiting for her A/C to get fixed before she tackles the floor and has more questions


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