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How do I replace a kitchen sink?

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My kitchen sink is real bad. I was thinking of replacing it with a nice new stainless steel double bowl model. The hole is not going to be the same size because the new sink is bigger. Any tips?
Thanks Guru!
Well first you need to remove the old one. You didnít say what kind of counter top you have so Iíll assume its laminate. Crawl under the sink in the cabinet and shut off the hot and cold. Remove the pipes that go from the shutoffs to the faucet. Remove the drain that goes into the trap by turning the ring to loosen the compression fitting. Around the edges, there are clips if itís already a stainless sink. If itís a cast iron one then it is just glued to the counter top with caulk., so get a putty knife and slip it in around the edges to cut and pry the caulk. Once loose just lift out the whole assembly. ***note*** if there is a disposer attached you might want to remove it first from below or get help lifting out the sink. Lay the new sink upside down right where you want it to end up. Put down masking tape where the edge of the new hole will be. Now trace around the sink with a pencil. The pencil line should be about in the middle of the masking tape. Remove the sink. According to the sinkís instructions measure in all the way around what they recommend (itís about 1/4Ē to 3/8Ē usually). This will be the cut line. Grab a jig saw and put in a laminate blade. The teeth are upside down and cut on the down stroke so there wonít be any chipping! Now would be the time to install a new faucet in the new sink!! Drop in the sink and check fit, if all is OK then remove and put a generous bead of silicone caulk around the edges of the sink and lower back in. Go below and install the mounting clips. Go above and clean up any caulk squeeze out. Go below and install new supply lines and re connect the drain. ALL DONE


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