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How do I replace a bathroom sink?

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I have a pedestal sink. I would like to replace it with a new one. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks
First you need to purchase one that will fit properly. The pipes in the back need to line up with the hole in the new pedestal or there will be problems. You would need to open the wall to move the pipes up or down a little, so choose carefully. There are ‘cut’ sheets or ‘spec’ sheets that show the pipe locations for each sink.
Shut off the hot and cold supplies behind the sink and remove the tubes that go to the faucet. Undo the drain that goes up into the bowl. There are usually two screws that go into the wall from underneath. Remove these and the sink should be just sitting there so be careful. Install the new sink in the opposite. Getting the drain connected is sometimes the hardest part of a pedestal sink so take your time. Use those stainless steel braided supply lines. This will make life easier! Some sinks want caulk between the bowl and the pedestal or the pedestal and the floor so read the directions too!


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