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How do I stop a leaking faucet?

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I have an old two handle kitchen faucet. It will not stop dripping! HELP!!
I am having the same problem only with my bathtub faucet..My son-in-law is a plummer..He says that they have replacement washer kits for each maker of the faucets..Get a replacement kit,take it apart replace the washers and there ya go..He said I could do it.. So, if I can anyone can...
Just a drip can be stopped by replacing the cartridge. In the old days there was a washer in there that could be replaced but now most faucets have there own model specific cartridge. Go to the hardware store with the model or to a plumbing supply with the old one and see if they can match it up.
They come out by usually removing the screw cover on the top of the handle and then taking out the big nut that holds everything in. Be sure to turn off the water under the sink first or you’ll be doing a repeat of the Lucy Show!
Hmm I thought it was an OLD faucet, with a rubber washer?

I didn't know that most faucets have a cartridge now, like Delta Faucets. How about Price Pfister?
Most newer faucets like american standard, price pfister, delta, moen use a cartridge. Sometimes you can replace just the O rings like in a grohe.


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