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How do I repair a leaking copper pipe?

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Help! I have a leaking pipe in the basement. It just drips away. Not too fast though or I would have called in the experts already. More like a drip every 20 mins or so. How do I repair it?
First turn of the main water shutoff or if there is one closer thatís OK too. If the leak is in the middle of the pipe then cutting out the Ďbadí section and sweating in one coupling or two couplings and a short piece of pipe will fix it up perfect. If it leaking at an elbow then a few more parts are needed. The elbow will need to be cut out then a coupling to a short piece of pipe, then the elbow, then another short piece of pipe to another coupling. Some times you can cut the pipe real close to the elbow on one side and just move the old pipe to fit into the new elbow. Donít do it if there is any tension though


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