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How do I replace a wall sconce lighting fixture?

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I need to replace a wall sconce lighting fixture. Is this something I can do myself?
Sure you can!!
First, turn of the power to the light fixture at the breaker. Then remove the globe and bulbs. Unscrew the screws that go into the electrical box. These hold the fixture to the wall. The fixture now will be only held by the 3 wires, the black (power) white (neutral) green or bare copper (ground). If you have some sort of volt tester you should test the wiring to make sure there is no current there. Sometimes people run wires from another circuit through a box. Remove the wire nuts one at a time that hold the fixture wires to the house wiring. As you remove the wire nuts remove the fixture wire and replace the wire nut loosely back on. Carefully remove the fixture. Replace in reverse order.


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