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How do I replace a wall outlet / receptacle?

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I broke the plastic on a receptacle in my living room and would like to replace it. Got some advice?
First, turn of the power to the receptacle at the breaker. Then remove the plate cover. If you have some sort of volt tester you should test the wiring to make sure there is no current there. Sometimes people run wires from another circuit through a box. Unscrew the screws that go into the electrical box. These hold the receptacle to the wall. The receptacle will be only held by the 3 wires, the black (power) white (neutral) green or bare copper (ground). Note the color locations as they need to go back in the same places. Remove the screws one at a time that hold the wires. Carefully remove the receptacle. Replace in reverse order. Remember the wire is wrapped around the screw in a clockwise (the way you would tighten) direction.


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