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Rewiring a fluorescent light

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Oh wise Guru,

I just bought a 40s medicine cabinet with two fluorescent lights that may or may not work. Since it's all original and obviously old, I'm thinking that replacing all the parts is the best way to go.

Would I be better off making it a plug in sort of thing or having it hard wired?

Keep in mind that I know squat about electrical stuff. Rolling Eyes

Where would you plug it in? I would keep it hard wired.
You could replace the ballast, the starter if needed, and any old wires pretty easily. Just copy the old. You could even take a digital picture to refer back to if needed. There are MANY ballasts available and they are sized to go with each type / size of bulb as well as quantity of bulbs, so get some advice from the electrical supply or bring the old one with you.


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