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Do I need a new thermostat?

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I just moved into a townhouse that is 7 years old, so stuff should still be working, right? Yesterday I turned on the a/c for the first time and yes, it worked. I had the temp set for around 77. The thermometer part of the thermostat read 70 (meaning it was 70 in the house) but the a/c still cycled on and off. Do I need a new thermostat?

Paula O.

Dogs rule.
Hard to tell without looking but,,,
You could check to see if it is cold air coming out of the vents or just air. The thermostat might be just cycling the fan on and off for circulation. Also make sure the thermo is set for 'cool' and not in the heat mode.

Um . . . when this happened to me, I had to replace the whole A/C unit . . .

Crying or Very sad

Cold air is blowing, switch is set to "cool." The temp inside is fine. Jil, don't worry me! The unit is only 7 years old. I think I'm going to have the thermostat replaced. I supposed I could do it myself but I'd probably electrocute myself.

Paula O.

Dogs rule

I bet you could do it yourself, though . . .

There is no high voltage at the thermostat so don't worry. There are only 3 - 4 or 5 wires, and they should be color coded if this was done 7 years ago. You could take off the cover of your thermostat and look to see if it says red / yellow / white and the wires are the color listed.

What about the battery for the thermostat? change it again even if you just tried that (could have been a bad battery even though it was new).

At least it is stuck in the 'on' position!! so you can stay cool!
Hey Paula . . . .

I just replaced my thermostat. It was easy and only took 30 minutes or so.

Both units were labeled with letters for the wires and the new unit provided labels to stick on the wires before disconnecting the old unit.

Try it, I have faith in you!

I turned off the breakers for the furnace and the A/C first.

Now to program the stupid thing. I wish they all worked the same way.

Keep us 'posted' on your progress!
Jil, I'm proud of you. I'm assuming you got a programmable thermostat with various settings. I had one of those in a former life and I didn't find it hard to set. Or maybe my ex-husband did it, so I thought it was easy. I have a "handyman" who can install it for minimum $$$$--he has a few other things to do (like replace the shower head that is rusted on) so it shouldn't cost much.

Paula O.

Dogs rule.
Speaking of shower heads and ex-husbands . . . when I moved out of the mobile home into my own house when I got divorced I went to take off the shower head. Mom had bought it for us, it was a Speakman and she thought I should take it. Whatever Mom. So anyway, I went to take it off, it didn't budge. I pushed harder. The pipe broke off right past the shower head and there I was holding the whole damned thing in my hand.

Whoops! That's what I wrote on the sticky note I taped to the pipe.

Oh, I got the thermostat programmed and it's a better setup than the old one.


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