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Should smoke detectors be battery or electric?

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I would like to replace the smoke detectors on my house. Do you think I should get battery or electric?
The best of BOTH worlds is electric with battery backup. So I guess the answer is ‘yes’!
It's mandatory in our township to have hardwired smoke detectors.

As an Emergency Services person I can tell you that one of the first things to go in a fire is the electricity. Whether it's interrupted by the fire or the firemen, you should DEFINITELY have a battery backup and change them every six months. If you do it during Daylight Savings Time, you won't forget!
Great info... Thanks Maxmm
One reason the hardwired systems are being required is that when one unit sounds, they all sound. So if the basement detector starts sounding then the secont floor units will too. This is a good thing!

I wonder if the electricity is out, and there is smoke, will they all still sound even though running on battery? Hmmmm...
Interesting, I will check. Standby...


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