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What color should the ceiling be?

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I want to paint my ceiling over. There are so many different colors out there. What color should I use?
There a standard color called "ceiling white" I would never be as adventurous as to paint my ceilings an actual color!
Me too. Boring old white.

Although, Mom wallpapered her bathroom ceiling with cloud wallpaper and it was pretty cool.
I have used the ceiling white before. I hate it. I like to use super white flat wall paint. It seems to go on smoother, covers better and much less spattering.

I have also painted the ceiling and walls the same color (per order of the interior decorator). It was a light beige color throughout. When all done, the ceiling actually looked like a different color! The way the light hits the walls and ceilings is different so the ceiling looked much much lighter than the walls!
I have use the Benjamin Moore Muresco Celing White and it is water thin and doesn't cover worth a hill o beans.

The difference between ceiling paint and regular latex wall paint is it is made to spatter less. That's what they say.

I say, use a flat white wall paint, and be careful and put down tarps if needed. I'll never use the ceiling white again unless I have to match something.


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