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What paint sheen should I use?

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I notice there are different sheens of paint. Is there a way to tell which one to use? Does it matter?
If your walls aren’t perfect, then use flat or eggshell finish. This will hide the minor imperfections. Any glossy paint will bring out the imperfections especially on walls and ceilings. I like to use satin or if a higher gloss is desired then semi gloss, on the trim. Ceilings always get flat.
Well, someone has to say it!!!

Do you ever plan to wash or wipe your walls? Never try to wash an
area on flat painted walls. Unless your paint has some finish other than
flat or eggshell you will wind up with a great big mess. In fact I would
go so far as to say, it will be easier to repaint than to clean a flat paint

Lowes has been advertising a wall paint that is scrubbable. I think it is Signature Colors™ Interior 100% Acrylic Latex Matte White Wall Paint.
Wishful thinking on Lowes' part!

I actually do that with my Benjamin Moore Linen White (actually a nice shade of yellow) flat painted walls.

When there are areas that have been scuffed or dirty, I take out the old paintbrush and just touch up the areas.

The flat paint blends in so well, dries so quickly and cleans up with water so nicely that washing the walls seems like a waste. On the other hand we don't have any children other than our dog, so the walls tend to stay pretty clean anyway.

Lately it seems that the rooms have been getting smaller though, as the layers of paint have built up Smile (Just kidding).
I wish I could just paint whenever the walls were dirty!! Shocked

Honestly, it's only partly the kids. We have lived on the main road for
about 17 years. In fact it is a state highway that happens to run through
the heart of our little town. We have lots and lots of traffic. Our front door
is about 10 feet from the road, so when something big goes by, you
really feel it. My point being, we get road dust and grit like you wouldn't
even believe, all through the house. I mean no matter how clean you
think you have gotten the house, believe me you didn't get all the
road dirt. Its like drywall compound dust - only black- all the time. It
gets on the walls, and you go to wipe up a handprint at the wall plate,
and the next thing you know you have a huge ugly smudge.

I can't wait till my 'someday' when I can have a home outside of town

I have the solution! Duct tape all the windows closed and never open the door!

All kidding aside, what type of heating system do you have??
I have gas heated forced hot air. I do have old windows, and I know that
is part of the problem, but here again... I am wanting to replace them, but
the cost is not in line with the return on the investment -at least not
right now. People are moving out of my town in droves because they just passed a 50% increase in taxes (in an illegal closed session!) Anyway,
I would like to replace the windows, and probably we will, eventually.
Till then I guess I put up with it! I have many years experience, its not
like this is new to me.
I'll consider any suggestions - short of duct tape and plastic sheeting!

BTW - I do have a filter in the furnace, and I run the blower year round,
to cirulate the AC and to filter out the dust. I buy the best grade filters and I replace them about every 3 weeks. They never last more than that.
I can tell the day it is time to change it out - and believe me it gets
expensive. I tried the cleanable filters once - they are just not for me. Not
only did they do a really poor job, but in order to get any value out of
it I would have had to clean it about every other day. Otherwise I was
just circulating dusty dirty air. I don't have the time to be crawling around
my basement every other day fishing a filter in and out - what a pain!

I guess you ARE one candidate for the satin or semi gloss paint for the walls. This paint IS scrubbable and washable. read the can for a few different brands Like Benjamine Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr etc to see which ones have the best scrubability.


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